For the playful and exuberant girl, we always have a selection of leggings that match her beautiful personality. On this page, you can explore this exciting selection of leggings and tights where there is room for individuality and playfulness. At Royal Rebels, we are not afraid to break new ground and combine traditional clothing with cool and festive prints or patterns. For this reason, we have selected various leggings with wild and unusual animal prints that are incredibly decorative and entertaining. The many leggings can be combined with a host of other clothing from our Outlet, such as dresses, knitwear, skirts, shorts and jumpsuits for girls. You’ll find all these many categories of clothing for girls on the menu on the left of this page. All of our leggings are made of cotton and elastane, which gives them the elastic property allowing them to stay up and fit tightly. This ensures that they are a comfortable fit and do not fall down.

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