Our outlet is full of great deals on both sweatpants and jeans for boys, all of them designed to be a comfortable fit. Since we are in charge of our own design and manufacturing at Royal Rebels, we also have the opportunity to select the various materials ourselves. Therefore, we have jeans made of soft cotton and elastic elastane which gives your boy a large degree of mobility even if the trousers are fitted tightly. Furthermore, you’ll always find a varied selection of jogging bottoms in a variety of different colours that can be used for every-day wear or for sports. Or how about cool sweatpants with camouflage print? All the trousers in our Outlet and online store can be mixed and matched with our many designs in the categories shown here on the page. Whether or not your boy prefers jeans with a tight or a loose fit, you’ll always have the opportunity to make a good deal on just the right pair with the right size and the right price here in our Outlet.

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