With the right accessories, an otherwise quite simple outfit can become both personal and distinctive. Here at Royal Rebels, we design and manufacture our accessories for girls ourselves. We believe that it is important to give each girl the opportunity to express their own personalities and styles through her clothing. It is with this in mind that our many designs for accessories, dresses, trousers and other items of clothing are created. On this page, we always have a large and inspiring selection of socks for girls in the sizes 23 - 42, in addition to Outlet accessories in one-size. Here you’ll find both beautiful and soft scarves, colourful and warm socks and feminine and fun hair bands.

Or how about a gorgeous knitted hat for the winter? Our many collections of accessories and clothing can always be mixed and matched together. Therefore, a fine cotton scarf or a pair of festive socks can easily be combined with one of our great dresses, skirts or cardigans in whatever way suits you and your daughter.

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