lovely dress in midnight blue and silver print

Vanessa dress

EUR 23.00 EUR 11.50

lovely dress in colour coral with palm trees

Martha dress

EUR 25.00 EUR 12.50

lovely black and white printet dress

Hella dress

EUR 22.00 EUR 11.00

cool statement dress in mint colour

Tone dress

EUR 24.98 EUR 12.49

cool black dress with coral print

Zara dress

EUR 21.98 EUR 10.99


At Royal Rebels, we have dresses for both every-day and party-princesses of many ages. In our large Outlet with clothes for boys and girls, you’ll have ample opportunities to buy comfortable and aesthetically pleasing clothing at good prices. Here at Royal Rebels, we think that no one should be priced out of buying modern, fashionable and high-quality clothes for girls. Here on this page, you will see our beautiful selection of dresses for girls in sizes 98 - 164. The selection is varied and can always be mixed and matched as one sees fit. We love to experiment and create new compositions of colours and patterns. Therefore, not a single dress is the same in our Outlet. The various designs can be combined with our many beautiful cardigans, tights and leggings as you please. You can start your search for new clothes for your girl in the categories that you find here on this page.

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